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I was on my way into town this evening when a young lad askd me if I had a cat, as a local cat he said was sleeping under the bushes in his garden each night.... I said I did, but it was nothing like the one to which he was referring.

On my way home passing the same spot, two similar looking cats in close proximity, my guess is they had been mating or would be. They appeared to be sniffing around, looking for food. I suspect looking at them, that the smaller one is a daughter of the larger one, which I recognise as a local wanderer (and fighter)!

I don`t know whether to go over (a few hundred yards) and drop them off some food or whether to leave them alone. The male has a collar on, not sure about the other.

I do have a bag of spare dry food which I`ve got for spare but it made mine very thirsty! Not sure any rescue centres would want to take them in or whether they do actually have homes.

Mine has actually had a run in with the male in the past... but shes pretty feisty and still young, but he isnt.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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