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As I've posted, I've just started fostering a 6yo staffy girl.

I knew she liked sticks, but I didn't realize the extent! I've had her muzzled, but if she sees a good log, she will really bash her muzzle into it, and get stressed trying to get it.
I took her muzzle off both walks today, so she could have the big stick she seemed to 'pick out', but she really goes for it!
She's a veryyy receptive, well behaved girly, but when she has a stick, she will NOT listen, or come, or anything. She just shakes it and tries to tear it to be bits. Also tries to take it away from the path.

No one knows her background as she was a poundie, but I don't know whether this is purely 'i love sticks' behaviour or more of a deep routed, not-great thing!

It doesn't necessarily seem 'playful' when she has a stick.

Was just wondering if anyone else has had experience like this, or just common sense advice that I'm missing!
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