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Spiders & Inverts Vets Lists

Discussion in 'Spiders and Inverts' started by Furbies, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. Furbies

    Furbies PetForums Junior

    Feb 22, 2010
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    As there doesnt appear to be one on this board I thought it may be worth starting a list that people can add to with spider & invert savvy vets that they can recommend. Hopefully the Mods can make this a sticky for the Spiders and Inverts forum:


    Unit 10 Berkshire House,
    County Park,
    Shrivenham Road,
    Swindon SN1 2NR
    Tel: 01793 603 800 Fax: 01793 603 801
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: www.gwexotics.com

    Neil A Forbes BVetMed DipECZM(Avian) FRCVS
    President of the European College of Zoological Medicine

    Great Western Exotic Vets is the only full time Specialist staffed, exotic animal specific veterinary service in the Southern UK. They have a dedicated team of three vets specifically trained to care for the everyday needs of exotic pets, and offer consultations 7 days a week INCLUDING BANK HOLIDAYS and have qualified vets available 24x7 to deal with out of hour emergencies.

    If you are not already registered with a vet you can go to them direct.

    If your pet is already under the care of another vet you can go to them for a second opinion (i.e. you then become their client, which is what we did) or you can go as a referral case (in which case you go back to your vet after treatment), the latter needs your vet to refer you to them but means that if your own vet needs help dignosing a problem with your vet, you and they can get expertise help from Neil and his team who are really lovely people.

    They are also happy to provide clinical advice, interpret radiographs and laboratory results for colleagues in other veterinary practices as they genuinely want to help save lives and prevent suffering.

    Their practice is very good too its a tier 3 RCVS accredited veterinary hospital, providing ventilated, disease control bird hospital accommodation with a vet and nurse on site 24 hours a day, and full on site laboratory services for birds and other exotic pets. Services include include endoscopy, microsurgery, MRI and CT Scanning, fluroscopy, identichips etc.
  2. My8Legs

    My8Legs PetForums Newbie

    Jul 19, 2011
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    This is very interesting! Do the vets above provide for spiders and inverts too?

    I wasn't aware that much could be done for a tarantula in the way of medical care, I have certainly never heard of it.

    Will be interesting to see how this develops!
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