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Speaking of dog attacks LOL...

Discussion in 'Dog Chat' started by ouesi, Sep 6, 2013.

  1. ouesi

    ouesi Guest

    So yesterday afternoon OH and I took the dogs on a road walk. Hubby was doing some jogging/walking interval training stuff, and I had the dogs.

    We passed by a house that has a loose dog, OH jogged by the house, dogs and I bringing up the rear about 15 yards behind him.
    We've passed this dog hundreds of times, both walking and jogging, he comes running out all bark and noise, and he stops at a respectable distance.

    Well this time, the dog kept coming at OH. OH stopped, shooed him away, and the dog slinked off. However, as soon as OH turned back around, the dog circled back and snuck up behind him and from where I was, looked like he got awfully close to biting OH's calf!
    Meanwhile, the dogs and I are watching all this. I always figured Bates would be the one more apt to be protective, but he just watched the whole thing kind of bemusedly. Breez on the other hand, wow! She surprised me. She was fine up until the dog snuck up from behind at which point she lunged enough to catch the dog's attention and let him know who was coming up the rear. As soon as the dog saw us (me and the dogs) he went back to his driveway, not so much as a peep at us.

    I'm not thrilled that Breez lunged (neither is my shoulder) but I'm glad we were there.
    I never walk that road without at least one dog, and we've never had an issue with that dog. Really makes me appreciate how much security the dogs provide!
  2. Tanji

    Tanji PetForums Member

    Jul 17, 2013
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    Well done too Breez, I say. Bet your oh thinks similar
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