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Well I was out watching the rugby yesterday. And our Jay stayed near home and has managed to leave the living room door open.. Now I leave my Budgies loose nearly all the time in the living room and they do as they please, Well yesterday the door has been left open and the living room curtains were shut so it was quite dark in there... And I came home and could here tweeting went upstairs to find Elvis sat on my window sill squawking like mad and no Sonny.. I presume she went through my open window and has flown off...

Ive been the shops and asked around to no avail.. Elvis was very upset I shut the window and left her upstairs cause everytime I went near her she flew again.. and kept landing on my head.. She kept doing this to all the fam and I have now caught her and locked her in the cage..

She isn't used to being on her own and Im not sure what to do with her.. I went bed last night and left her and she was shaking quite bad... I don't want to get another budgie if I can get away with it but feel for Elvis being on her own..

So am wandering what the fairest thing for Elvis would be... They were inseperable but Sonny was the ring leader in dive bombing me etc..
I did have another Budge but Elvis hated her.. And my neighbour took her for me..

My heads up me bum and am wandering should I replace Sonny, (horrible word) or see how Elvis goes or look for someone with an avary to take El on... Oh and Elvis is a girl.. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated..
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