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Some people are complete idiots

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Starlite, May 10, 2010.

  1. Starlite

    Starlite PetForums VIP

    Sep 9, 2009
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    I took Shorty down to my mums. she lives on the 1st floor in a close so my mum went and asked all here neighbours if its was ok to keep the back door open (its usually locked with a key that all them have a copy of) so Shorty could go down and relieve herself when she needed to. Means we sit with the front door open but the dogs happy so who cares lol!
    Neway, neaighbours were all fine as she is a friendly puppy and if you tell her to go away she comes in the house.
    Someone had been going down and locking the back door so when she went down for a pee this morning she had no choice but to pee in the close :( Any time she does the toilet its cleaned up immediately.

    mums next door neighbour has a very weird 9yr old girl who upon seeing any dog promptly screams her head off :rolleyes: Whenever Shorty sees this child she runs back in the house until she goes away.
    Asked this neighbour could she leave the door open, its only 1 day.
    She started ranting no it needs to be locked (erm why??), that her child plays round the back (she doesnt, the wee lassie is weird) and that the back is covered in dog sh!t (it isnt).
    Me her and my mum got into an arguement and it got very heated before she said she would pioson the dog and she was phoning the police on us!

    Police came out spoke to us and it went no further but i swear i want to strangle this woman :mad:
    im now paranoid about letting the dog out because if she hurts my dog i will be arrested and charged with attempted murder

    rant over!
  2. dobermum

    dobermum PetForums Senior

    Apr 27, 2010
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    IN THE NAMEATHE WEE MAN!:eek: JeezbloodyLouise what are some people about eh? I think I should come rightonova and gie her the Glesgakiss lmao! There's no such thing as 'decent neighbours' anymore I find, god I grew up in a close and if ye annoyed Mrs such and such and she told yer mammy, I gotta sherikan off ma parents and I respected them. It'd be better for us (and the furkids!) if we could choose who lived beside us. As for the daughter, I have a friend like that. I swear she drives me insane. She owns a dog, but hasn't a skooby about them, and I have BANNED her from my house because she is one of those people who asks me to put my dogs away when she visits... I'm like 'ye whit???' Anyhoo, her lil daughter is the same as the wee lassie ye talk of. It's all an act tho - so she is barred too - yey on me! I feel like I'm playing LIVE space invaders, knocking out all those people who are weirdos about animals and nothing in general - but I couldn't give 2cahoots - it means I see and hear less of their skanky 4ss moaning. As for her getting the Police to you, well all I can say to her is 'MRS! I HOPE YER NEXT $H1TE IS A HEDGEHOG!!!!! HORRIBLE AUL BAG!

    Hope she does a moonlight flit and you get Ceasar Milan to move in:thumbup::D

    Keep us posted!

  3. $hAzZa

    $hAzZa Shan

    May 2, 2010
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    ....Is it safe to come out now? lol
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