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Some charity auctions on eBay all funds to Mika's vet bills

Discussion in 'Charity Auctions' started by Franlow, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. Franlow

    Franlow Guest

    Our friend Janis (Oliviarussian) has had a torrid time with her boy Mika. Despite being insured up to £4,000, all the tests he has had, left her £2,500 short & with an awful prognosis. I, for one, believe that money (or lack therof) should not be a limit to getting the best treatment. We have set up some eBay listings - really good stuff if you would care to help out. ALL proceeds to Mika's fund, not just the profits, the whole lot.
    I am also selling silvervine sticks & cat glitter pompoms. There is a competition for anyone who donates & if you would care to donate a few pennies, pm me & I will send you the link. All I would ask is, please let me have your pf name as well as your 'real' one!
    132246625760 faith in nature toiletry set
    132246613745 L'occitane gift set
    401356820927 silvervine
    401356817775 pompoms
    382148709483 mother of pearl brooch
    401358423863 Murano glass dogs
    401358423871 Silver gem set bracelet
    382148709496 headphones
    382148709502 silver diamond band ring
    401358423865 Daum cat
    401358423872 Silver mookite necklace
    401358423874 Murano RABBIT
    401358423877 dAUM mOUSE
    401358423869 Silver diamond bangle
    382148718991 silver vermeil earrings
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