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Last night was the first time I had gone out and left OH in charge of Chase.

I've either taken him with me before (if going to friends house) or I've timed my where I was going, so that he was in his crate for a sleep. (don't have much social life haha).

However last night my sister was here for dinner and then we went out. I gave OH some instructions but I forgot one thing.

When I came back he said; you never reminded me that the puppy gets a treat after he has pooped outside!

I was a little confused, asked him to elaborate:

Chase had been playing, and ran back and forth to the door a couple of times.

He had taken Chase out for the loo, he did a pee and a poop, he took his lead off in the hall (where he sat without being asked), and came back in the livingroom.

Chase had raced into the kitchen and sat down.

OH sat down on the couch.

Chase yapped.

OH went in the kitchen and checked there was water in the dish and there wasn't a cat annoying the puppy. And came back out the kitchen.

Chase followed OH and then raced back into the kitchen and yapped some more, this time sitting close to the counter where the treats are.

And OH clicked - and Chase hit the jackpot! Instead of the chocolate drop he gets when I bring him in, he got a whole Frolic!

And then when OH left the kitchen, Chase left the kitchen and joined the other 2 with the toys.

:lol: :lol: :lol: I needen't have worried, Chase certainly kept OH in check!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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