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Smudge help - intermittent stool and peeing problem...

Discussion in 'Cat Chat' started by SmudgethePC, Oct 13, 2021 at 6:35 PM.

  1. SmudgethePC

    SmudgethePC PetForums Junior

    Feb 8, 2021
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    Hi all,

    Our smudge, who is a Persian chinillia is coming up to 11 months old. However, since we've had him, we have had stool issues and recently pee issues, both listed below and wanted to seek more advise on what can be done to solve at home (if possible) or should we look to get him to the vets for a check up.


    His stools are intermittently "soft". I use the term soft as sometimes it's just bit brushed onto the tail or inside leg, other times it can a soft piece stuck between the exit and the tail area.
    Smell wise, it's smelly and not sure if that is normal.
    Food wise we have tried a number of brands still haven't found one that works and is good.
    Lilys kitchen*
    Animonda vom feinsten*
    We've tired various flavours of the brands above and introduced slowly (one brand and one flavour) as recommended. Recently we have also been giving 1/2 a bioglan capsule a day to help (he's 3.5kg), but unable to confirm if it's making a difference. Lilys and AVF used to be safe and provided solid stools, but something changed and that is no longer the case.
    Outside of food the only treats he has is thrive freeze dried chicken or tuna. Feeding in boiled chicken as expected firms them up with no issues.
    Any ideas on where to go next?


    Only recently, in the existing litter trays (Poopoopeedo one) he'll go and randomly leave a mess either near his belly or down his leg...
    We've tried taking the lid off, filling more litter and filling in less, but zero clue...
    Litter that is used is corn clumping litter by superbenek.

    For both issues we try to keep him well trimmed along the belly and bum area which has helped, but isn't the solution as his stools should be dry and firm and he should be able to pee.

    Any ideas and thoughts are all welcomed, the only thing I guess we are not open to at the moment is raw food (as we don't have the freezer space) and changing to non clumping pellet type litter, but if this is the solution, then as a last resort we can. Lastly he's fleed and wormed regularly.

    As always some pics...


    Thank you in advance
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  2. J. Dawson

    J. Dawson PetForums Member

    Jul 21, 2021
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    Beautiful boy:)
    Sorry, you haven't received a reply yet,
    I am not certain but can try to offer a few ideas.

    I have seen people say AVF can be a bit high in offal and cause loose stools. Never happened with my two that I noticed but may vary with which AVF you use. I use occasionally the turkey with hearts that my two like and it is fine, same with the AVF chicken and chicken liver.
    I think if you stick to varieties such as pure turkey or turkey & rabbit etc it should be fine in a rotation if it is the offal content causing a bit soft stool.

    Lily's I don't know as do not use that brand.

    He is still fairly young and may not do well with too much variety. It depends on the cat.

    Regarding lack of freezer space an option is making home made raw mince with a nutritional supplement to make the food complete. I have seen threads where going raw solved digestion issues. If you make it yourself you do not need to freeze.

    Not sure about the toilet issue but maybe as he is older he needs more space. I don't know the tray you use but try a larger size and different shape. My guys have a sort of wide semi triangular tray and a large size covered tray with no door. I notice they like to turn around while burying and if it is a bit tight maybe an issue for your fellow.
    Many people seem to recommend wood pellet litter with sieving trays.
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