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I know that JWB is renouned for its tummy unsettling problems. Some get on with it fine, others dont.

If you want to continue with it and perhaps to test if it is something not food related, perhaps something he has picked up without you knowing - maybe give him some natural yogurt to try and settle his tum for a few days. If it works, then see what happens when you stop.

If you would rather change food then I know there are quite a few people here who would vouch for Arden Grange. I have never tried it so cant comment.

My son took his pup off JWB for the same reason and put her on [email protected] Wainwrights. My pup was reared on Wainwrights and now has Skinners Salmon and Rice which I am really happy with.

Good like in sorting the fumes :thumbup:
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