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Small Pet Care

Discussion in 'Small Animal Classifieds' started by catloveralicia, May 21, 2010.

  1. catloveralicia

    catloveralicia PetForums Member

    Oct 22, 2009
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    I am a responsible 15 year old and I have been a dogwalker for 3 years now. I have recently extended my services to include cat feeding, small pet holiday care and hutch/cage/tank cleaning.

    I don't have any spare hutches/cages of my own to accomodate your guinea-pig but I can care for your small pet if you could provide a cage/hutch for it to stay in. I have a shed which I can put the hutches in to keep them warm.

    I have owned guinea-pigs for 10 years and before that I had pet rabbits, and I have done a lot of research on other animals and feel confident enough to care for them.
    I am in Haslemere, in Surrey. Prices are negotiable.

    I ask that you provide main food, I can provide hay and vegetables and water if required for small pets. And guinea-pigs and rabbits will be able to have daily access to a 6ft run, unless it is raining when they will have exercise in an indoor run.
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