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My name is Iona, I love to craft in my spare time and have been recently researching opening a business for my crafting. I am pairing my love of dog with my love of crafting and I am looking to make product for your lovely family pets.

I have so many idea of things I want to try mainly down the route of accessories for when out a walk (both personalised and generic) and general use pet accessories.

My thoughts so far would be:
name tags
poo bag holders
treat pouches
travel bowls

What I’m hoping from this really is what types of items would you be likely to buy from a small business, and what are some must haves or dislikes about items you have came across. Would you prefer photo products, name personalisation or just generic ready to send items.

Thank you so much to anyone who has read all the above and is able to give some comments. Hopefully I can make my dream a reality.

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There are LOTS of small businesses making collars/leads/bandanas etc so you'd really want to think carefully about what your point of difference might be if you went down this route. Again, there's lots of places that print photos or personalise just about anything

Also consider pricing - if for example you were going to make dog coats, factor in the cost of the fabric/thread/velcro (or whatever), as well as how long it will take you to make. It may be that your item comes out much more expensive than a very similar item at a big-chain pet store. So again, you need to make sure you're offering something that people are going to be willing to pay more for. With the cost of living as it is, many people are going to be cutting back on their spending.

Spend some time looking at what is already on the market, and what is hard to find.
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