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Slow / Puzzlefeeder

Discussion in 'Cat Classifieds' started by Medran, Feb 25, 2019.

  1. Medran

    Medran PetForums Senior

    Jun 10, 2014
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    Hi everyone,

    We've just done a feature post on the Aikiou slow / puzzlefeeder which we thought would be worth a share here. :)

    Renegade: The Importance of Slow Feeding for Those of us that Scoff up Food!

    Hello everyone,

    It’s me Rennie here today with some tips and advice around how to stop those of us that eat too quickly from overstuffing. Because you know… those of you humans what know what I mean probably had to clean up the floor after your cat a few times!!!

    If you are lucky enough not to know what I am talking about I mean when us cute and cuddly little felines COMPLETELY overstuff ourselves so that it comes all back out as an explosive fountain of food and worse…

    So what can your human do about this…? Well, this depends a little on whether we are talking about wet food or dry food! But either way, there are great solutions to this.

    Let’s start with dry food which is what normally gets the worse of me! For dry food, it’s important to reduce the speed and quantity at which your feline friend can eat it… For starters using a bowl for feeding is a really bad idea if your feline buddy can’t control their appetite. ;o

    But never fear as PerAnimal has a solution for this! They sell and distribute the fantastic Thin Kat by Aïkiou through their website which really helps in slowing us kitties down in eating our food while also being engaging. In fact, our humans were so impressed that they’ve added these to our own webshop as welll!

    What you get your humans to do is put the food or treats inside the center of the flower which is big enough for our paws to get in but not big enough for our head so we can’t scoff it all up!!!


    As you can see from the photos of my fur-friends it’s a hell of a lot more difficult to get to the food this way!!! Not just do we have to paw at the food but even if it falls through we have to get past the flower leaves to get to the food. And yes the flower petals are made of super soft material but you know us kitties… we don’t like it when our whiskers get touched!


    And of course, it’s not just about the aspect of being a slow feeder… it’s also a puzzle feeder which is a lot of fun for us cats! Especially if your furry-friend happens to be from the Oriental/Siamese background we NEED stimulation to keep us happy… In some cases having a puzzle feeder has even stopped those of us with PICA (Eating random fabric etc!) from doing so.

    Right, that’s it from me for the day! Next time we shall be looking at solutions for the wet food loving cats.

    If you’d like to get one of these convince your human to buy them from PerAnimal our directly in our Katzenworld Shop.
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