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Slip mating?? And pregnancy vs false pregnancy symptoms

Discussion in 'Dog Breeding' started by Melissa B, Jul 5, 2020.

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  1. Melissa B

    Melissa B PetForums Newbie

    Jul 5, 2020
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    Hello everyone im new to here but have had dogs all my life however this is my first time breeding in a way I'll explain. I will note I have been interested in breeding my dogs for a few years but have waited for the best timing and more life experience with my breed. Springer spaniels this is a long one so i apologise.

    First of all I am not 100 % my bitch is pregnant. I was wanting to wait until her next season to try and breed her with my own male springer. However during this season which i think her fertile period was around 28th May - 4thJune. (based off her bleeding) I wanted to keep an eye on her season as we have the male also and so we wanted to know her dates while monitoring them together. They were kept separate when sleeping and since lockdown (coronavirus of course) they werent alone in the house without an adult the whole time and still now theres always someone at home. However one day I cant remember the date exactly but it was around the end of May as I was out the room not for long and I then caught Bugs (my male named after bugs bunny lol) in a climbing the stairs action with Lola. Of course my fault for leaving them for even 2 mins(I was brushing my teeth ) They weren't tied at all as i was glancingtthrough to them and he must have only been going for 30secs and TMI but his thing wasnt all the way out when i told him no (hes quite obedient and got off her) as if he had properly entered or gone far enough should i say. Eyes were firmly ALWAYS peeled after that and he of course tried his way but was always moved in an instant. Now over past couple of weeks Lola has been showing signs of what i thought possible false pregnancy (hadn't heard of slip mating at this point) . Moody. Clingy. quieter! But still her happy self i thought it best to keep an eye of course 5 7) 5)_948¿but i then read about possible slip matings?? And yesterday (4th July) i noticed discharge (no bad smell/colour/form. sorry tmi!)

    I of course realise it was my mistake to leave them for a few moments. However both are happy healthy (recent check ups /vaccinations/tests all up to date as of March 2020) its just 1 season before we wanted mainly just because of lockdown and vet services. So eventually my question is does anyone have any personal stories of slip mating and also regarding discharge if it were real or false. Google wasn't very clear if they can still have discharge if it's false. Any helpful info is much appreciated. Sorry if ive missed anything its my first post on here! I will also be contacting my vet tomorrow anyway just looking for anyone with experience of this. Thanks sorry its a long one i didnt want to miss anything out even though i probably have!
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