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Slightly neglected cockatiel advice?

Discussion in 'Bird Chat' started by illogical_Logic, Mar 23, 2020.

  1. illogical_Logic

    illogical_Logic PetForums Junior

    Mar 12, 2020
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    The first time I posted about this bird it was because I was worried it wasn't going to settle in and was very stressed out. Now I feel like it is beginning to settle in and well. It is eating, drinking and singing. Now my next concern is that this cockatiel was slightly neglected. It had food and water but that was about it.

    The last I saw it in it's old home it's cage was on the floor in a dark coroner where it probably was ignored most of the time. The cage was messy, its water was gross and had some sort of brand of cockatiel feed. The main care taker of the bird was a working person and it seemed no one else in the house tried to help them care for it so I am not blaming them nor do I know exactly how much work they put into the bird. The bird seems healthy physically but socially it does not.

    Its not so scared that it cowards when it sees someone but the moment we open the cage it becomes very tense and the moment we interact with anything in its cage it begins to panic and fly around. I have the cage in a place where it has a good bit of natural light but is not in full harsh light. It is also in a place where it sees my family a good bit but is also a quiet room where it won't get stressed out. I try to interact with it a few times a day by talking to it and I give it food and water every morning. My goal is to eventually move it in a bigger cage and a room with my other 2 lovebirds so it won't be totally alone. I also want to get to a point where I can let it out of it's cage without fearing that it will panic, and I will be able to get it back into it's cage. Also I tried to cover up it's cage at night but that caused it really to panic so I stopped trying and I gave it a heater because it is an old bird so I want to make sure it doesn't get chilly. There was 2 of them before, apparently the same age but one of them died of natural causes. I was told it was it 15-20 years old.

    My plan is to let it settle in for a month and see how well it is doing after then. I think I have everything handled and have my family has plenty experience with birds. I just want to see if anyone had any advice or tips. I am a bit concerned since it is pretty old and I don't want to stress it out.
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