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Sleeping seperately

Discussion in 'Dog Chat' started by IncaThePup, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. IncaThePup

    IncaThePup PetForums VIP

    May 30, 2011
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    It's JJ's first night here.

    He seems to settle quicker in crate if no-one else is in the room so left him in crate in lounge and I've come to watch telly in bed..this is what i usually do due to back problems so it's often 12 hours by tomorrow morning.

    I managed to stay sitting longer tonight and left him to watch I'm a Celeb at 8.30pm.

    I'll let him out again between 11pm-12 then hope he'll go back to sleep until tomorrow morning. As I'm deaf I worried about him sleeping in bedroom on Inca's bed in case he tries to get on bed with us and Inca doesn't like it (as she's used to sleeping on my bed at side of me)..as wouldn't hear it if was fast asleep.

    Just have to hope he's not too loud for the neighbours as Inca is ignoring him at the minute so not sure whether she'd wake me up to tell me..so hoping they make friends soon!

    A collar would have helped too so could attach extending lead and sit in doorway to let them out, as powered chair etc to get on grass etc is on charge at night for 12 hours.

    I'm slightly wondering if I bit off more than I chew with him been so young especially at night when I usually have 12 hours laying flat for my back to recover for been in chair all day the next day! ..but hoping we can manage if he will settle from about 8-11pm ..out for toilet then settle again till morning.

    I can't use baby gates either with needing to get in each room with wheelchair! Hopefully as he gets used to the routine it will get easier for us all, but after today so far think I'm gonna need to up the painkillers for a few months!! :crying:
  2. Werehorse

    Werehorse PetForums VIP

    Jul 14, 2010
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    Do you have a puppy-proofed garden? If you did you could just let him out to wee from the door (most times you need to go out with him and praise him obviously but for the night time wee you could let him out to go and concentrate on making coming back in after his wee really rewarding).

    If he's going a long stretch through the night in his crate and he can't wake you by crying then I'm slightly concerned he'll end up going in his crate and reduce it's effectiveness as a training aid. Can you set an alarm and manage to get up sometime in the early hours for the first few nights so you can check he's not awake and crossing his legs?
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