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Six months old - various issues need sorting

Discussion in 'Dog Training and Behaviour' started by judetheobscure, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. judetheobscure

    judetheobscure PetForums Junior

    Feb 24, 2009
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    Bella is six months old now and although she's learned a lot we still have some issues to sort and hoped some of you could advise.

    1) Biggest issue - whilst the jumping up and play-biting has almost gone it still resurfaces when she gets excited. Whilst we could control it by not playing with her I (and the kids) would like to be able to play with her so how do we teach her not to bite etc. when excited?

    2) Stealing things and running away with them - eg. food, kids' toys, clothes, tea-towels etc.

    3) Putting paws on edge of work-surface/tables hoping to steal whatever may be there.

    4) House-training - she is perfect if the back door is left open. But if not we get a puddle by the back door. How do I teach her to ask to go out? I've been reading an Ian Dunbar book about teaching your dog to speak but it assumes that the dog barks when the doorbell goes which Bella never does.The only thing she seems to bark at is the fox that sits on the other side of the fence or occasionally birds.

    5) Out and about her heel training is coming along quite nicely and she's fine around other people but the minute she sees another dog she is straining on the leash. I would love to let her off-lead as her recall (so far) is very good but it has not been tested with other dogs around and I suspect it would fail abysmally.

    6) For the first time today she started digging up my lawn. I could probably divert her to an old flower bed but is there anyway to stop her digging altogether?

    I think that's all for now. All ideas gratefully appreciated :)
  2. maisieS

    maisieS PetForums Newbie

    Jun 28, 2009
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    We have a six month old springer and having similiar issues. Our little one will even steal items and then parade her prize until we react! Also, she will climb onto our dining table to then climb onto our kitchen work tops.

    To some extent we're hoping she'll grow out of it and realise that some of it will be adolescence, in the meantime we've kinda gone back to basics and reinforcing all the basic commands i.e. sits, stays, offs etc, which for us seems to be working (as well as not reacting to attention seeking behaviour). More specifically, we've taken more control over how she eats. What i mean by this, is that instead of plonking her bowl on the floor at feeding time, we will get her to sit and then stay. We will then place the bowl on the floor and tell her "off". When we are ready for her to eat, we will then say "take it". We have found that this has not only improved her dining habits, but she is more responsive when telling her "off" from the kitchen worktop, dining table and sofas (i hoping that she will eventually stop altogether).

    Sorry i couldn't be much help, but would also very keen to hear what other people have to say!
  3. james1

    james1 PetForums VIP

    Sep 21, 2008
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    they dont really sound like big issues, as she grows shell get used to what it is your asking her to do.
    Things like jumping on worktops should be put a stop to - things like knives can easily be left out and if they fall there could be some real harm, my springer was always doing this but some stern off's have sorted it out and now he rarely does it. The command also has variable uses, i use it as a deterant, say approaching something up they shouldnt or getting off window sills.
    Training classes are good so you should attend these - they make you realise when to give a command and how to manage their behaviour.
    As far as recall ive had a few probs ... i bought a 25ft horse lead for £8 which is good after his recall slipped, he still comes back though when hes chasing a bird it is very difficult, good treats are always usefull and make yourself exciting.
    One thing in training classes with recall is to stop when they are at heel and have them come to you and wai betwen your knees
    also have them wait off lead when outside then come when you ask
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