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I've just done a mammoth introduction in the intro forum, but my main reason for joining here is that both my issing cats were found this weekend, and one is chubby and well, the other is skinny and has had to recover from poisoning/seizures.

I'd like to give him a helping hand with short term weight gain over the next few weeks, get some fat back on his bones....but I don't want his sister getting obese!

If it was my horse, I'd be adding high oil feeds to the doet, but I've never had this issue with a cat before!

Prior to this he was a fit healthy young cat, lean as he is growing into a large frame, but with good coverage. Any ideas on what i could feed him or supplement him with to help him out?

We would be feeding him his normal wet feed in the morning, with free access to 'neutered male' dried feed during the day, but then supervising him getting higher calories than her in the evenings.

Thanks in advance!
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