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I had a good day today, came home and felt a bit lonely/blue, so got alfred on his lead and went for a walk round the village... spotted my neighbour on the way so she came with us.

We got to the bottom of the village and saw someone and a dog, as i got closer and noticed it was a dog i have been hoping to catch up with for days!

It was a deerhound!!
I was driving through the village one day and saw this deerhound and fell inlove instantly, i knew the owner but not well, i was hoping to bump into them at some point!

So anyway, I met this deerhound, it was love at first site! Shes only a baby at 11 months old but is massive, got a photo but its a really bad one... hoping to go for a walk with them one day so will try and get some more!

Alfreds first girlfriend!!

Sorry had to share my excitement! :p
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