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Seperation Anxiety - Help!!

Discussion in 'Dog Training and Behaviour' started by staffiedog, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. staffiedog

    staffiedog PetForums Newbie

    Jan 3, 2012
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    We have had our Staffie for about 3 weeks now.We rehomed him from a women who rescued him as someone had tied him to church&left him,she had him for 10 months.After a few days he settled well..He's 1 1/2 yrs old&is good when we both tell him commands,food&sleeping.Me&my partner disicpline him the same.In the past few days he has become attached to my other half.We have a downstairs room which my other half uses as a computer room.When he goes downstairs the dog sits by the door&whines&cries even when im still in the room!I try&play with him to distract him&bond with him..give him toys,try&take him out for a walk but as soon as we get back he cries by the door again&when i went to sit next to him to make him feel safe etc he just walks away from me&sat on the sofa..when i moved to the sofa to comfort him, he moved back to the door again! it's like i cant win! As soon as my partner comes back he's back to normal.I end up getting upset. Can anyone help me at all?Thank you x
  2. leashedForLife

    Nov 1, 2009
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    this isn't Sep-Anx.

    the primary symptom of Sep-Anx is an effort to ESCAPE to find & re-join the missing person -
    or often, any person; who is immaterial, just that there's a human presence.

    Scratching doors, floors, ripping up lino, chewing hunks out of window-sills, breaking out of [cheap
    plastic or WIRE show-crates, rather than proper shipping AKA airline-crates], & similar acts of panic
    & destruction, which may include damage to the dog: torn claws, torn pads, broken teeth, splinters
    in their gums or palate, etc.

    i'd focus on making myself more-attractive [i'd feed the dog meals, by the spoonful at first -
    SIT, plop, SIT, plop, etc, onto a saucer; i'd TRAIN the dog & make it fun and rewarding;
    i'd play tug, play fetch, offer a toy on a flirt-pole or rope to chase, etc].

    putting the dog on an UMBILICAL so that he cannot go hang by the door is another option, altho that's
    management, not 'deepening the dog's attachment & providing interesting alternate-activities',
    which would be my preference: Build the bond, vs simply stop the whining. ;)

    Dogs are, however, prone to choose their own favorite person.
    U may remain 2nd-best, despite making a genuine effort to connect. U can only try.
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