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Scooby, 2 Year Old Lurcher with Lurcher Link

Discussion in 'Dog Rescue and Adoption' started by CarrieH, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. CarrieH

    CarrieH PetForums Member

    Mar 25, 2011
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    Scooby is a 2 year old Lurcher who was handed into Lurcher Link by his owner who was finding him too lively. Prior to that Scooby came out of the pound, so his full history isn't known.

    Scooby is about 24 ins tts and is red, smooth coated with white socks who is not cat friendly. He's a nice neat little dog. He loves people and seems fine with kids but can be nervous - aggressive with strange dogs until he gets to know them. because of this, he needs to be walked with a muzzle for everyone's peace of mind. He is walked a a halti too as he pulls on a normal lead. The aggression with strange dogs is something which is workable with time and patience.

    Scooby has been assessed by Jim Greenwood, the behaviorist used by LL. Jim feels that Scooby's very insecure and is looking for reassurance and approval with his behaviour. He thinks Scooby is definitely treatable. During the time that Scooby has been in foster through LL he's had barky lungey moments with strange dogs/ cats/ chickens/ some cars when he's out but they've become far less frequent and more easily controlled as time has gone on.

    Scooby best being rehomed somewhere without too much outside stimulation but plenty of one to one training and playing with an owner. He could possibly be OK being rehomed with a steady bitch or an older dog, but nothing too excitable or lively as it'll wind him up. Young children are also a no go area just in case he gets too excited and nips, but he should be OK with sensible children aged 12 or over. Obviously NO cats or small furries.

    Scooby is currently being fostered in West Yorkshire. If you'd like to know more about him please phone Kaye on 01422 240168 (before 9pm please) or email: kaye@lurcherlink.org

    Lurcher Link rehome nationwide and require a homecheck to be carried out prior to rehoming.
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