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Salina Dog Killed With Wrench

Discussion in 'Pet News' started by testmg80, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. testmg80

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    Jul 29, 2008
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    by Tracy Crockett (SALINA, Kan.)

    Salina police want to know who killed a dog with a wrench. Police said the dog was beaten to death Sunday morning in the homeowner's backyard. Teresa Grover says, "She was pretty sweet, she loved everybody, and she, everybody that came in she knew they were here to see here, and play with her."

    Grover had her little rat terrier "Bug" for more than two years. Her daughter Codie Edwards says she loved to have her picture taken. Grover says, "She meant quite a bit to us." That's why they were shocked to find the dog dead in the backyard Sunday morning. Grover says, "I was just freaked out, I was so scared, I couldn't believe anybody had done anything like that."

    Bug was found lifeless and bloodied on top of bolts, a roll of TV cable and a wrench lay beside her. None of the items belonged to Grover.

    "There was a big hole in her thigh that the wrench fit perfectly into, her belly had been ripped, her back leg had been broke, I mean the bone, it was a compound fracture, the bone was just ripped up and out."

    Grover says her dog was the reason she had got her other dogs and later became an animal foster parent. She said looking out here in this pen and not seeing her is going to be hard. "I'd like to bring whoever, whatever to justice." All for a little dog named Bug.

    Police say if a person is found responsible they could face animal cruelty charges. The ER doctor who saw Bug was unable to perform an autopsy, but said in his opinion the injuries were consistent to animal to animal wounds. Grover's other three dogs were unharmed.
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