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If you know someone who can give a great home to a rabbit or rabbits, these may be the rescues for them

This month we're featuring Pixie Rabbit and Rodent Rescue in Ashington, Northumberland on the Featured Rescue page of our website, and a lovely pair of rabbits, Romeo and Juliet, who are looking for a loving new home very soon. There are also some babies that Juliet gave birth to soon after being brought to the rescue, who will be in need of new homes in a few weeks' time. You can read all about them here
Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund This is Pixie's Facebook site and their main website

We'd also like to tell you about Furry Friends Animal Rescue, which covers the area around Coulsdon, Surrey, and caters for a large variety of animals including dogs and cats but also a wider range of small furries and some reptiles. This is a non-destruct rescue, which operates a backup for life policy, which means that should an adoption break down for any reason, there will always be a place for the animal to go.

The rescue says on its website, "The public are not aware of how many animals are in danger of euthanasia simply because there are just not enough good homes and spaces in rescue to cope with the amount of unwanted animals there are."

The majority of its rescue animals are kept in home environments though that is not suitable for them all. A lot of effort goes into matching up the pets with the home that is right for them.

Anna from the rescue says,

"Here is a link to all the rabbits we have in our care at the moment;

We are looking for a very special home for Munchkin and Marshall as Munchkin is an aggressive girl so needs an expereinced owner.

Zoot and Blaise are an older pair of rabbits seeking a retirement home. They have been with us for a long time now.

Kieran is very eager to have a friend. He is a very friendly rabbit and needs a home with a spayed female rabbit for company. Sadly agouti rabbits spend longer in rescue due to their colour;"

Contact details for the rescue are featured on the website.
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