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Just got my boy 2 bags of Orijen - for £80 with free delivery I am quite chuffed ;)

I was gonna re-order some JWB cereal-free but did not find any good deal and when I calculated it really seemed that Orijen would, in term, be either the same cost or cheaper (should turn to something like £5/week...then it depends how much I actually need to feed him...) I thought Id go for it now and see how my boy fares! He has been much better since switching on cereals-free food already so it should be good! ;)

Then I ordered lots of bones, chews and stuff (from that website doggysnackshack or sth, which I think is brilliant!!) for about the same amount of money :eek:
Should make the boy happy for quite a while LOL

Just to have an idea; do you know how much your dogs are costing you a week to feed (and what brand/food - chews included or not)? I think Orijen is actually better value than it seems at first..but it requires a lot of calculations lol did my head in yesterday! ;)
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