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This has been cross posted!!!!

Nothing as exciting as some of the other events sound, unfortunately (we don't have any where near enough volunteers) but......

RSPCA Lincoln have a stand at Tesco's Wragby Road on Saturday and Sunday (1st and 2nd May) and maybe some other days if I can rope anyone in to doing it with me!

It's not just about donations (although we are grateful to anyone who can spare a little change) but about awareness of our branch (most people don't realise we are run by volunteers), our policies (we do not PTS animals after 7 days! they stay with us - health and no aggression problems prohibited - until they find a home, however long that takes) and about all the things that the public can do to support us.

So if you are in the store, please stop and have a chat and find out about our work. Or even better, think about volunteering to keep me company for an hour!

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