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This has been cross posted

Contact/organisation details: Rottie Rehab
Does the animal have rescue back up?:Yes
Location: Somerset
Number of groups: 1

(repeat the following for each group)

Group: 1
Number of animals: 2
Sex: Male
Age(s): 2.5 years
Name(s): Guvna & General ( We didnt name them !! )
Colours:Black and Tan
Neutered: Being neutered this week
Reason for rehoming: Owner has had to return to work
Temperament: Good
Medical problems: None known
Neutering: Animal will be neutered unless for medical reasons. Can this be guaranteed? Yes
Will the group be split:We would prefer not to and will try to home them together before spliting them.
Been assessed? Under assesment but all good so far.
Transport available: Yes but owners must travel to meet the dogs first.
These boys are like a pair of babys they are huge and excellent examples of the breed , so far they have been excellent extremely affectionate and have been good with the other dogs. They have always been together and are brothers, they rely on each other heavily. We will try to home them together but will split if no alternative is found. Please feel free to cross post this thread we are desperate to rehome some dogs as we have had to close the doors to any new dogs untill we get numbers down.

- Home

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