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Rotastak and perfecto tank urgantly needs rehoming.

Discussion in 'Small Animal Classifieds' started by Maiisiku, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. Maiisiku

    Maiisiku Banned

    Feb 20, 2009
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    I really need to find homes for these cages because I'm moving in 2 weeks and I have other cages I'm taking with me. I am willing to take offers on the rotastak:

    Perfecto tank (1 shelf version) has a lion bed, hamster potty, water bottle (habitrail one) and a ceramic bowl and a flying saucer. It's all set up. I'd like £20 for it I would have liked more but I just want to get rid of it.

    Rotastak: I will love who ever comes to pick this up forever! I have a ton of the stuff.

    Creepy castle (not the carry case),
    cosmo pod,
    2 circle compartments it's two boxes ideally it would be great if you could pick it up but if you want to pay for a corrier thats fine. It has a ton of accessories about 3 water bottles, 2 excerise wheels, 2 emergancy water bottles, hamster potties gnaw rings to stop them chewing the rings, ladders etc. I will take offers on it as I really need to get rid of it. most of it is in pretty good condition but there are a few cracks on some of the older stuff but it doesn't affect the usage. I'm sure a hamster or 2 could live very happily in these as there is so much of it. I paid well over £100 for it new but of course I'm not expecting anywhere near that back.

    I will also be selling an imac on the 27th July as my landlord wants all my pets in tanks so Narla will be moving into my bin cages which I will customise for her into a two layer.

    Please let me know asap via messages and I am really really busy and may not be able to check back here. I really don't want to break them apart (rotastak) because it's a lot of hastle, the one thing I will say is if you want to get a corrier that will be aditional costs and you'll need to arrange it. Userally I would but I am just so rushed off my feet with packing up this place it's too much. I don't mind selling the rotastak stuff seperatly if need be but it will take me a while to find all the right pieces as it's all mixed in together. I'll make sure I'm in for it as long as you don't do it on a saturday. I'm located in Reading.
    Thanks much,

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    Last edited: Jul 9, 2009
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