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Rex or Mini Rex?

Discussion in 'Rabbits' started by Thekingsrabbit, Dec 24, 2020.


Rex or Mini Rex

  1. Rex

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  2. Mini Rex

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  1. Thekingsrabbit

    Thekingsrabbit PetForums Newbie

    Dec 24, 2020
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    Hi everyone, I'm struggling to identify whether our newly adopted bun is a Rex or a mini Rex. We're unable to weigh her just yet, she's due at the vets in early Jan. I wondered if anyone slightly more knowledgeable had any ideas. At almost a year old I believe her to be fully grown and she was listed at a Rex but she seems on the small side to me. Are there any other defining features? Thank you

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  2. Corneal

    Corneal Shelly

    Oct 30, 2018
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    What does she weigh?
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