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Here is my reply from fish4dogs on the new recipe change
Hi Emma,

Thank you for your email regarding our recently improved recipe.

I’m sorry to hear that you are not happy with our new recipe. We recently made some changes to the ingredients used in our Finest Foods- we are proud of these changes as they have improved our recipes. Since you have taken the time to email us, I would like to take the opportunity to share some of the recent improvements with you;

Better Fresh Fish
We have now switched to Norwegian farmed Salmon – there are a number of advantages to this

• Processed locally and quickly with only 20 minutes between alive and fully processed

• Norwegian Salmon is of very high quality with a high Omega 3 content.

• Sustainable and environmentally sensitive production

• Complete control of what the fish eat and their exposure to any contamination

Better Fish Meal
We have changed to Salmon meal from Herring Meal. Salmon Meal is normally too expensive to use extensively in pet food – however because our production is all based in Norway, where Salmon meal is more widely available we are able to obtain it at competitive prices. The advantages of Salmon meal over Herring meal are;

• Produced locally and so very fresh

• From farmed fish so sustainable and the same strict controls as for fresh fish

• From fish passed fit for human consumption

• Very consistent – unlike Herring meal where there were wide variations in quality at different times of the year

Better Salmon Oil
We now use Norwegian salmon Oil rather than Scottish. Norwegian oils are purer and higher quality, and have higher omega-3 (DHA) content. In order to maintain Protein and Oil levels at the correct levels, we have reduced the Fish content by 8%.

Introduction of Pea Flour
Pea Flour is an extract from Yellow Pea, which has been introduced into Fish4Dogs Complete due to its nutritional benefits. Pea Flour is a low sensitivity Carbohydrate, and is therefore unlikely to cause any digestive problems.

The advantage of using pea is it provides a more balanced glycaemic index as it is a Low GI Carb. Low GI Carbs act by breaking down Carbohydrates slowly, releasing Glucose more gradually into the Bloodstream. Low GI carbs can help lose and manage weight, increase the body's sensitivity to insulin, improve diabetes management, reduce the risk of heart disease, improve blood cholesterol levels and prolong physical endurance.

I hope that your dogs continue to enjoy Fish4Dogs, and I hope that this email, though long winded, has been informative. However, if you require any more information, please do not hesitate to contact me and I’ll be happy to assist.

Kind Regards,

Thought this could be interesting for anyone wondering.

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Cheers for posting this :) Still not convinced.

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If the Salmon meal is better than Herring, more widely available at competitive prices, seems good enough reason not to cut the meat content. If any thing add more meal and less fresh:confused:
Think they're going to lose a lot of custom. Shame because it was v popular.:rolleyes::D

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They are hardly going to reply and say their new recipe is worse, are they? :rolleyes:

Mind you, if sales go down then suddenly the old recipe might appear again as a new recipe!
I know but I was interested in how they thought their new recipe better. I knew they wouldn`t say "We agree its worse," but I was interested in their reply :eek:

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Going to be potentially controversial here but make no apologies.

If you believe dogs are omnivores (something the commercial food companies really want us to believe) the reasoning should make sense and lowering the meat quantity shouldn't make any difference so long as the protein levels are consistent.

Peas with a low Glycemic Index (GI) are good and far better than grain although by the very nature of processing it becomes higher (more like sugar which can raise insulin levels shortly after eating).

With fish farming being a subject of concern (PCBs & Contaminants | Farmed And Dangerous or ), a company wanting more control over what is produced and how by their source makes sense. Then again it's not just what the fish eat which makes a difference ()

Then again, I do not believe dogs are omnivores ;)
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