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At Discount Pet Supplies Unit 7 Oyston Mill Strand Road Preston PR1 8UR

We have now installed a fully equipped grooming salon. While we have a Dog groomer working there we are also aware that not everyone wants to allow someone else to groom their dog!

I'm like this with my Akita as she's a rescue I'm very very careful with who i let her have interactions with as I want every experience to be positive!

We also thought this would be ideal for people who want to prep their animals for a show! Or Don't want to pay a groomer, however want to use the facilities! Having an electric table with the proper groomng nooses make it alot easier! Especially for something like my Akita I can get her high enough that I can get under her tum etc!

The salon has a raised Bath, a electric shower, a low low electric table (it goes as low as 21cm so great even for dogs with mobility problems) & dryer.

Prices are as follow

Use of Tub & Shower & Towel £5 for 45 mins
Use of table, tub towel, dryer and shower £10 for 1 hour
Use of table, tub towel, dryer and shower £13 for 1.5 hours
Use of table, tub towel, dryer and shower £18 for 2 hours

Call to book your appointment now!
01772 461024
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