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hi all

have had a search but cant find anything, does anyone have a list of supplements and their benefits or a link to one please?


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Copied from a thread a while ago, these are the supplements I give to my raw fed dogs.

The ones all the dogs get DAILY are;

  • Garlic - to repel fleas and ticks, good for the blood and joints
They get this in their BARF veggie mix, about 6 cloves between them weekly

  • Rosemary - to repel fleas and ticks
Again, this goes in their BARF veggie mix. Just a couple of small sprigs weekly between them

  • Turmeric - for joints and digestive health, has anti-cancer properties
Another one for the veggie mix! I use approx 1 desert spoon full between them a week

  • Salmon oil - for skin and coat, joints, eyes and brain health
Approx 1 teaspoon per 10 kg of body weight - not strict with this though, and dose by eye

The following all of the dogs get ONCE OR TWICE WEEKLY;

  • Active Manuka honey 10 - a natural antiseptic, great for the skin and digestion, as well as helping to fight infection
Between a teaspoon and a tablespoon each, depending on size and/or needs

  • Probiotic natural yoghurt - for digestion, and because they love it!
No hard and fast measurements - just a blob each!

  • Vitamin E capsules 200iu - since fish oil depletes the body of this
3 capsules for Ozzy, Blue and Harvey, 2 for Jake, 1 for Alfie

  • Apple cider vinegar - for skin, digestion, heart and urinary tract health
Half a capful for Alfie, a capful for Jake, two capfuls for the big lads
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