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Rabbits and ferrets?

Discussion in 'Rabbits' started by MartynMX, Sep 8, 2019.

  1. MartynMX

    MartynMX PetForums Newbie

    Aug 5, 2019
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    We're looking to adopt 2 ferrets from our local shelter.

    Our plan is for them to have mostly free roam of an upstairs bedroom in the back of the house, with a large cage for their litter tray/water/etc.
    However, we currently have 3 rabbits that live downstairs. (those who saw my last post: the kits didn't make it but my doe did). They have a 12ft x 12ft pen inside a full bunny-proofed room at the front of our house. Between them and where the ferrets would live, there are 5 doors. We plan to baby-gate the doors too (with solid wood panel gates, just as a barrier if for whatever reason any of the doors managed to come open which has never happened before). The doors to both their rooms will have outside locks on them. We'll wash our hands between handling either of them and they'll never be allowed on the same floor, let alone the same room.

    Is this enough to keep all animals happy and safe? Any other precautions anyone can think of would be great. My bunnies are well loved and cared for and I know we could give the ferrets an amazing home, but would hate to do so if it would be unfair to either animal. I know the smell of ferrets can stress rabbits out, but surely this far from each other that wouldn't be an issue?
  2. bunnygeek

    bunnygeek PetForums Senior

    Jul 24, 2018
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    Ferrets are wily so you're going to have to be on your guard 24/7. There's also that risk that the smell of ferrets for the rabbits will scare them silly, and the smell of rabbits for the ferrets will drive them bonkers too. There's also a chance neither will be bothered. There's no predicting either way unfortunately.

    Are you prepared for this level of super vigilance keeping your house as two separate zones for up to 10 years?
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