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Hi everyone
I am looking at developing a rabbit/Guinea boarding service early next year. I live in Allerton Bywater, a village in West Yorkshire and although there are similar services within a 10 mile radius there does not appear to be anything in the local village/villages next door. Clearly I will not be rushing in to anything and I will be setting up pet insurance, CRB checks etc.. to anable me to offer a professional and trustworthy home for peoples pets. I myself have had (and still have) many animals over the last 20 years and these include horses, birds, sheep, Cockeral, duck, dogs, and plenty of Rabbits. I used to rescue rabbits as well as having my own. As they got older and passed away I made the decision to stop as unfortunately I am not very good at dealing with the sadness. It is two years since the loss of my last house rabbit and I have now decided that although I do not want anymore, I miss their presence and interaction with them. For selfish reasons I would love the responsibility of looking after someone elses pet yet handing them back on their owners return without getting too attached. I will be looking at an approx amount of £25 per week in return for the offer of spacious hutches, runs, cleanliness, interaction (play-time), plenty of healthy vegetables and hay, grooming and general wellbeing whilst in my care. In return I shall require proof of up to date vaccinations inc Myxomatosis, VHD. I can give assurance that I shall be a responsible and loving carer with peoples pet as I understand the importance of this. I will take no more than four per week to ensure I can devote enough time to each individual pet. Prior to me going ahead with this I am trying to gain a general feeling/perception of the need for a boarding service in the area.
Is this something that would be of any interest to any members on petforums?
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