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My rabbit gabs died last night, I'm completely gutted. She looks like she just went to sleep. No sign of any illness. Vac's fully up to date. Just completely out of the blue. Iv left her in the pen with Carlos so he know's she's gone. Carlos seems fine, he's eaten his breakfast this morning and sitting on his favourite log when I left him. Just feel so shocked at the suddeness of her goin.

Only had her 18 months, she loved being out, playing. I'm so so gutted.

I'm also worried about Carlos being on his own now, especially with the cold weather. They both loved cuddling up to each other and washing each other. Don't know what's best to do for him - ring the rescue I got him from to see if they have a friend for him now, or should I leave it a while? Just want what's best for him, but also feeling gullty that feels like I'm trying to replace gabs.

Hate the fact that these pets get so close to us, but leave us so soon.
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