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OH failed to tell me this story until just now, had me in stitches :lol:

Our shower packed in at the end of the week before last, as we rent obviously we had to go through the whole rigmarole of sorting it out via the estate agents and landlord which often takes it's sweet a$$ time. They sent out a very thorough and friendly plumber who the cats enjoyed investigating (thankfully he likes cats) and after an hour, off he went to give them his quote. OH was away last week and as I don't get home until late in the evenings, nothing got done about it last week.

Plumber came out today to fit the new shower and whilst fiddling around inside our under cabinet cupboards with the water taps, Eowyn was sat next to him tapping him on the back and Pyrrha.. well, she's a friendly soul... sat above his head on the counter and as he stood up, moving past her level, took a great big lick of his bald head! :lol: :D

Genius.. I think I'd have died if I'd have been there! :lol:
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