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Puppy with hole in her heart plea

Discussion in 'Pet News' started by testmg80, Jul 25, 2009.

  1. testmg80

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    Jul 29, 2008
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    A puppy with a hole in her heart could die at any moment, unless she gets a life-saving operation which costs up to £2,000.
    The 19-week-old Bichon pup called Lola is currently being looked after by a volunteer from Bristol-based charity Dogs Friends, who rescue, foster and rehome unwanted dogs.
    Lola desperately needs this operation, which would allow her to lead a full and long life, but Dogs Friends don't have the money to save her.
    Her foster carer Ken Shephard, 64, of Clevedon, said vets have given Lola a maximum life expectancy of just two years if she doesn't receive the operation to correct her heart murmur.
    Grandfather-of-three Mr Shephard, who is a retired building inspector, told the Post: "When I took her in last week I was told she could have 12 hours or 12 weeks, we simply don't know.
    "She has a grade six heart murmur, which is the most severe, but it is curable. The operation will cost between £600 and £2,000. Without it she could drop dead at any time."
    Dogs Friends spend about £200 on each dog they rescue, giving them their vaccinations and medications, but with their huge outgoings, they cannot afford such an expensive operation.
    All Dogs Friends know about Lola's background is that she came from a puppy farm in Wales, and was perhaps given up because of her condition.

    Dogs Friends spokeswoman Louise Henley said: "Without an operation her life expectancy is about two years, but with an operation we can increase this by about another 10 years.
    "We think she deserves this very much, but it is a very costly operation. We urgently need help to give this girl the treatment she needs.
    "Everything helps no matter how small. If you have any fundraising ideas that you can do to help save Lola, please do and call us to donate the money."
    Mr Shephard, who has three grown-up children, and lives with his Jack Russell-cross Quinton, said: "When puppies and young dogs come to me, they are frightened, nervous, and very apprehensive about people.
    "I take them from being frightened into a happy dog, who leaves my gates with a wagging tail.
    "My job with Lola is to first of all to give her a happy life, second, find her a loving family, or third, keep her happy until she passes away."
    Mr Shephard has been a Dogs Friends volunteer for about nine months, and has fostered between 10 and 12 dogs in that time.
    He said: "Lola is a happy puppy, who loves life. She doesn't know she's got a heart condition, but if I put my hand under her arm you can feel a 'squish, squish'.
    "Apparently it's quite a simple operation, but quite delicate.
    "She can't get over excited because she could go any second. I want to help her live a normal life. She doesn't know that she's ill; she's full of energy. But I have to keep her calm."
    He added: "Dogs Friends struggle to pay their bills. If I could afford to pay for her operation, I would. My only wish is that this lovely puppy is allowed to live a long and happy life."
    If you can help to pay for Lola's operation call 0145 431 2097.
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