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Puppy weeing everywhere - outside only

Discussion in 'Dog Training and Behaviour' started by Charlotte's Archie, May 11, 2010.

  1. Charlotte's Archie

    Charlotte's Archie PetForums Newbie

    Mar 25, 2010
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    Hi, Recently my 6 month old Mini Schnauzer boy has started to cock his leg and wee alot. I am very luck to be able to take him to the stables where I keep my horse and he runs around having the time of his life and plays with the other dogs! The only problem now is that the owners are getting annoyed as he is cocking his leg and weeing almonst anywhere, such as on hay, rugs left on the floor etc. Now this is not good behaviour I know and the owners of the yard have advised I get him castrated now as they think this will stop him but my vet doesn't want to castrate him until he is 9 months and have said that it wont make a difference anyway. What can I do? I dont want him to be a nuissance at the yard and I dont want him to be banned or tied up constantly. I assume this is just his way of marking his terratory? He is not an aggressive boy so it's not dominence. All the other dogs then copy him so it's doubly worse!
    Please help!!!!
  2. Colliepoodle

    Colliepoodle PetForums VIP

    Oct 20, 2008
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    I'm not surprised the yard owners are getting pissed off!

    Can't you put him in a spare stable unless you're able to watch him and prevent him doing it? He is too young for castration really and it might or might not stop him anyway.

    Or put him on a line and attach him to you so that he is still moving about with you but not able to wee everywhere?
  3. leashedForLife

    Nov 1, 2009
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    IMO + IME, neutering at 6-MO is fine; it was the pet-standard in the USA from about 1960. :)
    waiting means *managing the behavior intensively* -
    put him in an empty stall with a NOTE on it, tether him,
    Umbilical Him To U with a 6-ft leash, and INTERRUPT every attempt to mark, etc.

    spending 3-mos with intensive-mgmt plus trying to re-teach a pup who may develop other less-attractive testes-fueled behaviors
    (challenging / posturing at other M-Dogs, humping animate + inanimate objects, etc) in the meanwhile,
    would not be my preferred option. :eek:

    JMO + IME, Ur mileage may vary,
    --- terry
  4. leashedForLife

    Nov 1, 2009
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    dunno why i did not think of this the other day -
    a belly-band!
    Belly Bands for Dogs that Wet in the House

    he wears it anytime hes off-leash, or NOT being monitored (to prevent leg-lifting/marking with urine) -
    a cotton belly-band with an inexpensive press+peel panty-liner prevents him spraying hay-bales, stall-doors, grooming-kits,
    doorposts, backpacks, etc.

    they are inexpensive, durable, light, comfy, easy to get on/off, and work nicely as deterrents for hormone-crazed teen-Ms.
    TWO is a good idea, as if he gets one pee-soaked the first few times he wears one, U will have a clean spare.
    SECURE * ANY * VELCRO + safety-pin the edges to keep it closed in the washer + dryer,
    or it clogs with lint + is useless. :(

    take it off to potty, which for the dogs clarity should be on-leash at first so U can choose an apropos target for him -
    not allow him to skip over and spray something unwanted before U can stop him.
    be sure to *praise Warmly!* for going on the right-object or in the right area.
    when he;s done, replace the belly-band on him, take off the leash, and he;s off!

    any 6-MO can go 7-hours without peeing if he has not had a large-meal to trigger peeing, or has not been napping
    (waking-up is another common trigger - we humans do that, too.) or U can give him a potty-break after 2-hours or so.
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