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Puppy stolen in Forest Grove finds new home in Newberg

Discussion in 'Pet News' started by testmg80, Jul 23, 2009.

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    Jul 29, 2008
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    Police locate young Sheltie taken from a Forest Grove store
    By Nicholas Bellos

    A puppy stolen under unusual circumstances at a local pet store has been identified and recovered.

    And now, Renae and Terry Tearnes of Newberg have a new canine companion.

    On June 11 at 4:37 p.m., police received a call from an employee of the Farm and Garden Store employee in Forest Grove saying that a woman had just stolen one of the shop’s red and white Sheltie puppies. The puppy was on sale for $700. The woman was later identified as Naomi Anne Hughes.

    After police found her at a local Safeway, Hughes told Officer Joe Martino of the Forest Grove Police Department that she had handed the puppy off to another woman at the Blockbuster on Pacific Avenue.

    The woman, Kim Moore, agreed to give it a home.“We were in getting movies — my daughter and I — after her graduation from eighth grade. We were in line. (Hughes) said she found it in the street, picked it up and took it home. Her mom said she couldn’t keep him.”

    Moore immediately offered to take the dog. “I didn’t even think about it,” she said.

    But, the Sheltie’s journey around Forest Grove did not end with Moore. According to family friend Renae Tearnes, Ms. Moore agreed to take the dog because she lives on a large property and had space to give it a home. Plus, she and her husband already owned dogs, and would know how to take care of the new Sheltie. Still, there was a problem:

    “We wanted to give it a safe place to live,” Moore said.

    “The dog is too small. And their dogs don’t sleep in the house, so they didn’t think they could keep it safe,” said Tearnes.

    Tearnes visited the Moores one day shortly after Kim had received the dog at the Blockbuster.

    “(Moore) said, ‘do you want it?’” Tearnes said. “And so I said, yeah. I’d wanted a puppy for a friend. So that’s when we took him home, and he’s been with us ever since.”

    So, for the third time in a month, the Sheltie was moved.

    Moore did not know the dog was stolen until after she gave it to the Tearneses. “A friend of my daughter’s called and joked, ‘I was a wanted woman,’” she said. “We were like ‘no way! You gotta be kidding me!’”

    “I guess (Kim) didn’t know that it was a stolen dog. So, she didn’t know that until one of their neighbors … told them about the article in the newspaper,” said Tearnes. The News-Times had published an article about the stolen dog in its June 24 issue.

    Tearnes named the dog Turbo.

    Tearnes said that the neighbor called the Farm Store and informed the owner that he knew who had the dog. “(The Farm and Garden Store) got in touch with (Moore) and then she told them that she had given it to me.”

    Tearnes and farm store owner David Crowell are negotiating a way for Renae to keep the lovable Sheltie.

    “We’re trying to work it out,” Crowell said. “We’ll let her keep it because she’s already attached to it,” he said about Tearnes and the puppy.

    After trying to negotiate the price of the Sheltie, Crowell and the Tearneses have tentatively agreed to work out a trade.

    “My husband and I own a trucking business and he owns a dump truck, (so we thought) we could do a trade,” said Tearnes

    As it turned out, Crowell’s mother has needed some gravel moved and other landscape work done.

    “We’re trying to work it out,” said Crowell.

    No matter the terms of the compromise, one thing is certain: Turbo’s long, complex and bizarre journey seems to finally be close to a happy ending.
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