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Hi Everyone

We have a little Beagle and she will be 14 weeks tomorrow.

We are struggling with her biting us at the moment, we have tried ignoring her and every time she bites she is sort of put in time out in the kitchen for around 5 mins then we let her in, now this is getting a constant thing at the moment and she seems to be in the kitchen most of the day, and I am feeling a bit cruel but really don't know what else to do?

Now when I say biting I don't mean nips, I mean full on growls and showing teeth! Can not quiet believe that she does this and my legs and arms are covered in scars now!

We also give her chew toys to say "here chew this not us" we also say no bite but she seems to find this a game and clamps on even more.

We started puppy classes last week and we are due to go to another one this Sunday. We told our trainer about the biting and she suggested sitting her in front of us so she can't get away and then when she stops biting say "good girl" and give her a little massage around her neck. We have tried this for several days and she can just turn her head round and still bite us plus this seems to wind her up even more and she does it teice as hard then!!

Please please someone give me some advice as it is driving me crazy and I am worried about my little boy who is only 6.

Thank you in advance
Joanne :)

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Here are some articles on this subject by qualified, reputable trainers and behaviourists

The Bite Stops Here by Dr Ian Dunbar biting.pdf

Puppy Play Biting Leads to Marks on Hands and Arms | Animal Behavior and Medicine Blog | Dr. Sophia Yin, DVM, MS

Your Clever Dog: Puppy biting, chewing and over-excitability with children
Sarah Whitehead
All puppies bite! They come with a set of needlesharp teeth that a shark would be proud of. This behaviour is perfectly normal, but needs to be prevented in order for the dog to become a calm and social member of the family.
This DVD is specially designed to show you exactly what you need to do to reduce and then stop your puppy from biting and mouthing using only kind and fair methods, and the secrets that top dog trainers know.
This DVD also covers the essentials for making sure that your 'puppy chewing machine flexes his teeth on all the right things, and leaves your shoes, the kids' toys and your furniture alone.
Sarah Whitehead also gives advice on puppies and children, and how to ensure they grow up happily together.
• Why biting is an integral part of your puppy's development
• How to control your puppy's biting
• How to keep kids safe with your puppy
• How to play with your puppy to help control biting
The pack contains: A clicker, tab handle, training manual, instructional DVD, 55 mins approx running time including Bonus trick, Bonus Training Session, Intro to Clicker Training, Q & A with Sarah
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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