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Puppies and unconditional love

Discussion in 'Pet News' started by testmg80, Jul 20, 2009.

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    Jul 29, 2008
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    By Linda Francis
    Phoenix Pet Welfare Examiner

    A fellow Examiner from the mid-west wrote an article recently, directed to heartbroken people, and suggested replacing a discarded boyfriend with a puppy. This sparked a storm of comments from insulting to informative.

    A puppy can heal your heart after a break-up, but a ton of responsibility comes with that decision. First, and foremost, adopting an animal is a commitment that spans the life of the pet. Animals are not disposable. Second, please DO adopt. Buying a pet from a pet store only prolongs the hideous life of the parents back at the puppy mill. And know this:

    when you purchase an animal at a pet store it HAS ABOSOLUTELY COME FROM A PUPPY MILL, no matter what the store owner tells you. No reputable breeder would allow their animals to be sold through a pet store – they always want to know who is getting their animals, usually guarantee them, and require you return them should you find yourself unable to keep them.

    The ONLY exception to purchasing an animal at a pet store will be when local rescue groups bring their animals to showcase for adoption. In Phoenix, PetsMart and Petco allow local rescue groups into their stores to help discarded animals find their forever homes. From October through April, PACC911 holds adoption events at different venues, featuring animals from many of the 91 partner rescue groups, including Maricopa County Care & Control, and the Arizona Humane Society. Check the PACC911 website for a list of upcoming events.

    Puppies are adorable, but when replacing your loser boyfriend (or girlfriend) with an animal, do consider adopting an older animal – even an older puppy. It can be challenging for older animals to find homes, but they are more settled, most of the time they are housebroken, they know basic commands, and they are ever so grateful for a home, food, and love. They’ve been through tough times! They’ve been lost, turned in by their owners, left behind in abandoned houses, dumped in the desert, or rescued from cruelty and abuse. Their gratitude is immeasurable. And if you just HAVE to have a pure-bred animal, 35% of all animals in shelters and rescue groups are pure-bred dogs. Given time and patience you will find the perfect companion to give you unconditional love.

    And know that kittens and cats give unconditional love too, so if you're a cat person you can connect with your perfect furry pal using the same resources listed below.

    To find the perfect addition to your home:

    For a list of rescue groups in the Phoenix area go to: PACC911.org

    To find animals up for adoption go to: Pet adoption: Want a dog or cat? Adopt a pet on Petfinder

    For more information about why you shouldn’t adopt a puppy from a pet store, go to:

    National Mill Dog Rescue: Mill Dog Rescue Home
    Last Chance for Animals: CAMPAIGNS | LCA - Last Chance for Animals
    Humane Society of the United States: Puppy Mills | The Humane Society of the United States
    ASPCA: Puppy Mills
    Prisoners of Greed: Puppymills - Information about puppy mills and how to shut them down.
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