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I own 3 pugs, all of them pets who i also show as a hobby!

I know people go on and on about the breathing problems in pugs but i cant say i've noticed it too much. My little girl Delilah is quite a noisy one, but she is just noisy in everything she does - huffing and puffing and getting herself in the middle of everything lol. They do get hot easily (a friend of mine lost hers due to heatstroke while it was led on the balcony of her apartment. The door was opened to the air conditioned house but it just led there and died!!) so you do have to be very conscious of where they are and whether they might be too hot/cold at all times.

As for breeding the main thing that people should be testing for is Hemivertebra. Its not common in the breed, but certainly an issue (about the same as HD in other breeds). The test is just a simple xray to see whether the dog has the deformity. At the moment there is no DNA test to see who does or doesnt carry the gene for it, but at least by x raying you are doing all you can to make sure the dog you are breeding from is healthy.

When im looking to buy one i go for the lines i like (go to some shows and see which stand out to you) and when actually picking the puppy there is no guarantee that it will turn out the best of course, but i tend to look for one thats already quite short and cobby with a good amount of bone. But the character is the most important for me. If you're going to show it a pug must be outgoing and have attitude!!

Here's some photos for you...

Delilah my 3 & 1/2 year old pug. She has been x rayed to be affected with hemivertebra very severely. As you can see, there are no obvious signs she has it so it is SO important to test them all IMO

And Gracie. She is 3 and has just had her first litter

And this is Jovi my boy, who is a year old today :) he will be tested for HV in the next few weeks now that he is fully grown.

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