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Product Idea

Discussion in 'Dog Training and Behaviour' started by Emily George, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. Emily George

    Emily George PetForums Newbie

    Feb 6, 2018
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    I am a Kingston School of Art, Graphic Design student. I am currently carrying out a project based on the connection of dogs and their owners. After carrying out some research on the connection and emotion between dogs and the owners, I have found out that dogs find comfort and happiness form their owners scent. This has lead onto the idea of the owner essentially leaving their scent with their dog in one form or anther to provide comfort for the animal when they go away, either leaving the house or at the kennels. I would highly appreciate your opinions on this proposed idea, since you are the target audience. Too add, do you have any advice for me to do with scent and emotion between owners and their dogs?

    Many thanks

    Emily George
  2. kimthecat

    kimthecat PetForums VIP

    Aug 11, 2009
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    Welcome Emily .:)
    I would ask your question in the Dog section .
    The general advice for owners is to leave an article of their unwashed clothing with their dog , generally a t- shirt or similar .
  3. Burrowzig

    Burrowzig PetForums VIP

    Feb 18, 2009
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    The scent will be very person-specific; not something that can be encapsulated and marketed. And if dirty laundry does the job perfectly well, why would anyone throw money away on a 'product'?
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