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Hi everyone

You might have seen my posts around. I am getting a puppy soon, baby girl staff.
It's lovely being on the forum, learnt so much already. :001_tt1::smile5:

I just need your help please, for a present.

We getting the puppy from our friends, and they would not accept money.They are saying it's a late wedding present (married hubby 1 year ago).

I really want to give them a beautiful present. So far I bought them a gorgeous charm, one of those London Charms (I initially got it for my pet but realised that it's so beautiful and that it can make a great present).
It's a beautiful staff charm, looks just like Nala's mummy (Nala- the name of my puppy).

I am in love with the charm it's stunning. Anyway, I just don't quite feel it's enough. It's silver, gorgeous, and so relevant (as it's a staff) but I think maybe I should buy something else as well.

Should I buy a bracelet with it? Any ideas please?

I know it may be a silly question to ask, but I've been thinking all day, and I just want it to be special.
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