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Discussion in 'Dog Breeding' started by Callie, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. Callie

    Callie PetForums Senior

    May 6, 2010
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    Well, got a premate done on Amber at vet as they do inhouse testing on Saturday. Knew I was going early (about day 9) but was a bit scared I might have missed the first day as I had Izzy in season too. Got results in afternoon and was a bit surprised to be told she was very close to ovulation and to mate on Sun and again on Tues.
    Went on Sun...Dog not too interested, then again on Mon but still no joy and he is the proffessional as well as his owners as they have been breeding, showing and judging for 30 years.
    They are not far from me which is just as well and they were happy for me to try again tonight but we were starting to think we had missed her ovulating days.
    Anyway I decided to try another premate and it came back saying she still hasn't ovulated and the test recommends testing again in 48 hours.
    Originally I had it in my mind, going by her mating 2 years ago that day 14ish would be about time and that will be Thurs when they are telling me to test again.
    The other thing that made me doubt it was the fact her blood is still very pink and not sttraw coloured yet.
    I am pretty annoyed as I could have travelled for miles on the strength of the results they gave me on Sat and totally wasted a fortune!:confused::confused:
  2. swarthy

    swarthy PetForums VIP

    Apr 24, 2010
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    :( I have to say, my own vets in-house tests have been spot on.

    Most experienced stud dogs are pretty good at knowing if the bitch is ready or not (and a surprising number of novice dogs as well).

    Strange they should tell you she was ready and are now telling you to retest in 48 hours :confused:

    I start testing my girls on around day 3, as their mother was a day 8/9 girl - unbelievably - we got to the last test in the pack and it said "mate now" - even then the little minx wasn't showing any signs of being ready.

    Just to complicate the issue, my eldest girl bleeds for the duration of her season and stands from day 3 to the end :rolleyes:

    Good luck
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