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Been toying with the idea of another addition to the family.In the process of selling up and moving so obviously it wont be until i am moved and both myself and the mogsters are settled in a new place with a cat safe garden.

I will go to a cat rescue and home a cat through them. Dora and Holly were both little unwanted strays i took in and even though i say so myself,they landed on their feet so i would like to take in another that needs a loving forever home.

My concern is how my girls will accept a new addition. Dora and Holly are like sisters so i dont want to upset the apple cart. Dora is about 3 years old and Holly about 1 year old. Do i go for a younger cat or an older one ?

I am quite keen to take on an older cat as they seem to get overlooked. Mind you i know that feeling,getting overlooked for the younger sleeker model :D
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