Poor Charlie out in the rain and cold

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    I moved to Calow Chesterfield from Brampton Chesterfield. I moved into a brand new bungalow with my two cats, Cassy aged 19 and Charlie aged 4. We have lived in Calow for 4 months and for the first 3 weeks I took Charlie out each day on a harness to get him use to the area. So for the next 4 month, everything was ok and Charlie was in and out of the house. Then one day he failed to come home. I am hoping someone out there will bring him home to me. He is microchipped and neutered He is the cutest little boy you have ever seen He Is a Tabby, but a dark colored tabby with a white chest and almost pure white tummy. He has white down his nose and a usually (slightly grubby) pink nose. He has 4 White feet and a long dark tail

    Please Please Please would everyone share this info any way they can IMG_0359 (20).JPG and maybe all together we can bring him back to the people who love him so much

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    Sending lots of positive vibes to you and hope your lovely Charlie is soon back home with you xxx