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    Jan 2, 2015
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    My Olivers bright eyes

    How i miss staring into those bright eyes
    deeper than any clear skies
    It seemed you could smooth my soul
    you soothed away lifes tolls
    you touched me deep inside
    you changed my lifes tide
    always so full of life and wonder
    in and out and around and under
    always so full of love and curiosity
    everything full of possibility
    to glow in the dim light
    i could feel them on me in the dark night
    no matter the day how bad or good
    those eyes could cheer me up they really could
    on that morning i awoke
    my heart just broke
    the light had left those eyes
    all that was heard were my screams and cries
    i had nothing left
    i heard nothing like i was deaf
    my heart was ripped out and i was lost
    i wanted that light no matter the cost
    the pain is still there and will never end
    i have shut down and my emotions have been penned
    till we meet again another place and time
    when i can again see that light shine