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Please Help!

Discussion in 'Dog Training and Behaviour' started by Husky-Owner, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. Husky-Owner

    Husky-Owner PetForums Member

    May 24, 2009
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    I'm posting this on behalf of a friend who's on a different forum - she has 3 siberian huskes and has posted the following: if anyone can offer any help or advice she would really really appreciate it :)

    I feel like Im failing with his aggression
    I am currently sat here with Gizmo on the sofa having a cuddle, a little confused !

    Im sure you all know (especially those that have been at the 1st meet up and at the camping trip) that Marley is dominant aggressive with other male dogs but know Im worried that his aggression has now passed to aggression in the pack !

    The other night Marley and Gizmo both got into a bad scrap whilst I was outside with Bandit and it was only Daniel in the house with them and Daniel didnt know what to do, which I understand as he hasnt seen something like that before! I went running in to separate them by which time they had separated and both gone their own way. As they had already stopped I was unable to correct them in any way but I checked them both over for cuts, ect and noticed Marley had caught Gizmo's ear I cleaned it as best as I could and it has scabbed over now and seems to be healing well, it was only a tiny cut.

    Last night, just as I was thinking of coming onto here, I was about to take them out for a wee before they started to settle for bed and Marley kept staring Gizmo out and Gizmo was cowered in the corner. I put Gizmo's lead and collar on to try and get him out of the corner and Marley just flew at Gizmo again and they got into a scrap again! I was on my own so it wasnt easy but I tried to separate them and it was just mission impossible, I couldn't get in between them Marley didnt have a collar on so I couldnt grap his collar and pull him off Gizmo, who is pinned, and everytime I tried to pull Gizmo away Marley kept going and going! Eventually Marley stopped attacking and went back to staring Gizmo out so I managed to get Marley by the scruff and get him away from Gizmo. Poor Gizmo was terrified and didnt want to move from the corner, so I put Marley into his crate so Gizmo couldnt see him and tried to get Gizmo out of the corner so I could take him out for a wee. Marley's crate is by the door so I left Marley in there so I could get Gizmo to see him without getting attacked, or that was my plan anyway, and Gizmo saw him and refused to walk any further! In the end I had to get Gizmo next to me and hold him on one side of me and have Marley in the crate on the other side of me, Gizmo was still struggling to go past, Marley just eyeballed him as he went past until he was about to go out the door when Marley decided to try and go at Gizmo through the cage (I was still inbetween them). I got out and took Gizmo out for a wee and then tried to get him back in and then he didnt want to go back in so I did the same as I did to get him out and again we got so far past and Marley went again! Gizmo went back into the kitchen and cowered into the corner again and there he stayed! I then did the rest of my usual night time routine and they all got a beef bone each as they have been ill with the runs for past few days and the beef bones are helping to solidify them up again. I checked both Marley and Gizmo over again and couldnt see any cuts until I got up thismorning and found that Marley had got Gizmo on his other ear!

    All day, today, Gizmo hasnt wanted to go anywhere near Marley and hasnt really moved from where he is now! Everytime he does move Marley will stare him out!

    I was hoping that by taking him to our camp trips and meet ups where there was alot of other dogs that it would help socialise Marley and his aggression would settle and on the camping trip he did start to settle down towards the end but now I feel like it has got worse! Each time Marley has got into a scrap with Gizmo there hasn't been any 'resources' for them to scrap over apart from personal space! Out of the 3 of them, not including humans, Marley is top followed by Gizmo and Bandit so as Marley is already in charge of Gizmo and starting the scraps I can't see it being Marley trying to gain places further up the pack order as that would mean he would have to challenge Jamie's parents, Jamie and Me.

    Im not feeling so good today as I feel like Ive failed to guide Marely correctly to help him overcome his aggression I know having 3 un-neautured males that scraps are going to happen but the fact that Marley started with it just being other males that wasnt not from his pack that he would become aggressive with and now it seems to have gone to him attacking his pack members Im worried that I have mis-guided him somewhere and his aggression has excelerated! Marley has been there on occasions when Bandit has been attacked by other dogs, which as it happens tends to be other males, and Im thinking thats where his aggression started and I havent taken the right steps to show Marley that aggressive behaviour is not allowed and now Marley thinks thats how he should behave.

    Anyone got any tips on how I can get my teddy bear back?
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