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Please Help

Discussion in 'Dog Chat' started by dogwatcher, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. dogwatcher

    dogwatcher PetForums Newbie

    Feb 2, 2008
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    hi all, I am new here, and so hope you can help me!
    I am british, but now I live in Turkey. I have a 2.5 year old daughter, and live in an apartment. I have been thinking about getting a dog for a while now, and a couple of days ago I found a dog that needed a new home bcause it's owner is going back to the UK. Unfortunately turned out the dog had never been around children before so it was decided she was not suitabie for me. Sitting there with her on my lap has made me feel like I would love a dog even more now. My hubbie works long hours in the summer and I thought it would be extra company for me, I am a stay at home mum, but I go out quite a bit, and thought the dog could come along too, for a ride in the car and walk around by the harbour and stuff.

    Would a dog be happy in an apartment?? Should I forget the idea of a dog whilst my dd is so young??

    Ok, second bit now-sorry for the long post-but my head is buzzing. Went to a rescue place today (they don't do the special assess ment like in the uk), they take dogs off the street and give them vaccinations etc, and then put them back again, some dogs have their puppies there and they try and home them, and there are some other dogs there, who are older and have been given to the rescue centre to find new homes for. I looked at th puppies, but nothing really sprang out, looked at some golden ret puppies, but they were very boucy, which was too scary for me, but I liked the other dogs that were older. They had a westie, that came to see us, and a cocker spaniel-who was cute who I loved, and she loved me, her eye's said take me home, but the vet said she had been there 2 days and barked a lot and would suit outside better, the vet recommended one dog who was sitting there watching everything, who hadn't visited us, but when I spoke to him he came over and looked very interested, they all approached me with my daughter in tow, and didn't seem to be phased by her. How will I know which dog is for me, and how can I assess weather the dog will be goood with dd-as she is the most important thing.
    Also the cooperative where I live doesn't like dogs in the apart-even though the apart is mine-but I would like to challenge this as the owner of the apart before had a dog, and one of the cooperative presidents is one of my neighbours, and we get on well, so I would check it out with them first, and get it in writing, they say no pets but lots of people have cats, so that something to check first, but I think it should be alright.
    Thanks for reading this.:)
  2. RooBee

    RooBee PetForums Newbie

    Feb 2, 2008
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    I have a friend who lives in Turkey and has a little dog. She lives in an apartment and the dog copes fine on 2-3 walks per day. My firend got her as a pup from a rescue place that sounds similar to the one you mention.

    As for choosing a dog that will be good with your daughter...well, I'm afraid that that will be in the lap of the gods to an extent. Of course, taking your daughter with you to the shelter and spending time with a potential candidate will help you to get an idea but, with any dog you bring home, 100% vigilence will be required. This goes for all dogs where small children are concerned. The dog may have the sweetest nature in the world but kids can inadvertantly frighten/excite/hurt a dog and it only takes a split second for an accident to occur.

    You may wish to wait until your daughter is a bit older (at school, perhaps) in order to try to minimise problems but if you really want a dog sooner; then absolute vigilence and allowing the dog some time and space to be alone (especially to sleep) is key.

    I sometimes visit a forum which is mostly frequented by ex-pats living in Turley and sometimes see dogs up for rehoming because owners have to return to UK. It may be worth waiting for a such a dog, who may already be socialised with children, to become available. I can give you the link to the forum if you are interested.
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