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please help - urgent

Discussion in 'Snakes' started by slinkies, Mar 28, 2020.

  1. slinkies

    slinkies PetForums Newbie

    Mar 28, 2020
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    i love my sand boa, and i was a good owner before my mental health got really bad. i did do my research on husbandry and i think it’s pretty good but i did not properly learn about health issues and what to do when one arises. i understand that i should get him to someone who will take proper care of her. right now i just want to help her.

    so basically sometime last fall i noticed that her cloaca seemed a bit swollen and red. it got a lot more inflamed and i took her to the vet. they gave me medication and told me to go see the owner of a local reptile shop as the owner knew more about husbandry, etc. the owner ended up squeezing out a lot of almost hard white pus without hurting my snake. i tried my best to give her the instructed treatment (medication, cleaning of the wound) and she seemed better for a few months. the inflammation around her vent went down significantly.

    now sometime during the winter i noticed that it was swelling again. regretfully, i tried squeezing it out like the shop owner had said. it worked. a lot of pus came out and for a few weeks she seemed to be doing better again, until it started filling back up. this happened a few times as my mental health got extremely bad. i knew in my head that i should do something like take her back to the veterinarian but severe social anxiety and depression got in the way. this is not an excuse, i know i should have found a way and i feel very guilty about it.

    now during this new year i became a lot more busy, i had gone back to school full time after having only one class whenever i felt i could make it, and i started a really intensive therapy. this made me feel even more exhausted, so when i was at home i was laying in bed, awake or asleep, unless i had to eat. again, this is not an excuse for not checking up on her.

    now lately i have been inside for weeks due to covid-19, getting worse. today i defrosted a mouse because it was around time for another meal. i hadn’t seen her for quite a while, and as i took her out to feed her, i immediately noticed that it looks like she has a retained eye cap (which is weird because i haven’t seen her shed lately) and that her vent looked really gross. just as i was looking at it a bit of pus came out, it looked like there had been some dry blood as well as some fresh blood.

    it almost looks as if a bit of flesh under the opening has been torn off, and there is an open hole with blood very slowly leaking out.

    because of this covid-19 situation, the vets in my area are closed. the owner of the reptile shop has posted on their facebook, explaining their temporary schedule for the weekdays, but it doesn’t say anything about the weekend (i am writing this on friday night).

    i need to know what to do until i can find out when my snake can be seen by someone. i completely understand that i did not take the proper steps to get my snake the help she needs. i feel extremely guilty. i ask anyone who is reading this to please keep an open mind, i did not foresee my mental health getting this bad. right now i just want to do the right thing for her.
  2. Kittynanna

    Kittynanna PetForums Senior

    Feb 15, 2015
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    Poor snake.....I think you should post on the reptile shop owners Facebook and ask if they can take her, she needs proper care and her medical needs attending to urgently.

    You really do need to do the right thing for her now, without delay.
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